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I have always found Robert’s practical knowledge and advice to be of immense value. As a new organisation it’s always good to have a friendly voice that can be at the end of the phone at the drop of a hat who can explain things clearly and in a straightforward way.

Susan Hazan, Director, Digital Heritage

Robert served as Vice-Chairman and Audit Committee Chairman at Kingston Primary Care NHS Trust (now NHS Kingston). His term of office spans from the inauguration of the Primary Care Trust in 1 April 2001to 31 March 2007. Robert is a qualified company secretary and he contributed to the strategic thinking and operations of the Primary Care Trust. Robert had various links with the population of Kingston and he was instrumental in ensuring that the needs of diverse communities were met through sensitive commissioning processes.

Robert is thoughtful, highly analytical, self-confident, straightforward, and adaptable. Robert has excellent relationship skills. He has a knack for establishing and maintaining mutually satisfying relationships characterised by positive expectations. He is able to gain the support and commitment of his peers and others and works tirelessly to achieve agreed goals.

Dr Neslyn Watson-Drueé, Chair, Kingston Primary Care Trust 2001 - 2011

Robert has acted as the Independent Examiner for Kingston & District Welcare Association since 2009. He has always been thorough in his work and has an eye for accuracy. During my time as Treasurer I believe he has provided the assurance our Trustees and stakeholders expect and I was more than happy to recommend his continuing appointment to my successor.

John Farmer, Treasurer, Kingston & District Welcare Association, 2003-2011

As Treasurer of Kingston Race and Equalities Council we have been indebted to Robert in his capacity as Treasurer of KREC. He has steered us through a challenging financial period and we know that we can always rely on his advice and technical knowledge. He has helped us to reduce our costs and provided us with a financial reporting system that all Trustees can understand regardless of their background.

Thay Thayalan, Chair KREC
John Azah, Director KREC

Robert has been providing our skipping club with financial advice and has audited our accounts since 2007. He has really been of great help and has made my life and that of our previous Treasurer much easier once he set up a simplified accounting system for us.

Marian Griffett, Treasurer, Kingston Bouncers Skipping Club