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What can we expect from a “health check”?

A significant reduction in price can be offered if the health check is carried out at the same time as the Independent Examination.

See Independent Examinations

By analysing your charity’s accounts and financial records in detail CAS can hopefully identify a number of cost savings in your overheads. Our experience shows that officers and trustees rarely have the time, opportunity or experience to do this. By carrying out this review CAS can often offer real long-term savings thereby allowing more of the charity’s income to be spent on the services for which it has been set up.

We can also help to improve your financial accounting systems to allow proper records to be kept, cash flow to be controlled and annual accounts to be produced.

Additionally we can improve your management accounting systems to ensure managers and trustees have proper budgetary information and the means to monitor performance.

We can also review your governance systems and advise on any improvements and help you to ensure you meet the requirements of any regulatory bodies.

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