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Advisory Services for Charities

Financial and administrative “health checks”

A significant reduction in price can be offered if the health check is carried out at the same time as the Independent Examination.

See Independent Examinations

By reviewing an organisation’s budgets and procedures CAS can make a number of recommendations which could result in cost-savings in respect of operational matters and could lead to improved financial reporting procedures. Such health checks can be carried out at the time of an independent examination or separately.

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Advice to new organisations starting upCharity Financial and Administrative Support

There is a great deal involved in starting up a new organisation and CAS can help in dealing with these matters. We can help with issues such as:

  • supporting groups through the process to register with the Charity Commission
  • setting up simple but effective financial accounting systems to allow proper records to be kept, cash flow to be controlled and annual accounts to be produced:
  • setting up management accounting systems to ensure managers and trustees have proper budgetary information and the means to monitor performance;
  • setting up good governance systems
  • ensuring all appropriate insurances are taken out;
  • meeting the requirements of any regulatory bodies.

Ad Hoc Support

When one-off support is needed CAS can help in areas such as: